Sarka Lightweight High Quality Tattoo Machines  

 Anodised aircraft aluminum 7075T6 cnc machined frame from a solid block of metal,no welding,bending or casting,therefore vibrations are reduced and perfect geometry is achieved.

  Coils are hand wounded using a double coated high quality coil wire and proper materials with the best electromagnetic specifications.

After years of research and experimenting, Sarka tattoo machines run smoothly at low voltage without heating up.

  High carbon steel springs are used to achieve any setup needed.

  Each thread is reinforced with steel inner shell, to avoid damage.

  Capacitor without polarity is used, which in contrast to common capacitors allows the current to move in both directions without any problems. which means you can connect the clipcord any way you want, without worrying about the positive/negative current.

This is one of the unique features of Sarka tattoo machines. 

  The contact screw is made of silver 825 for perfect conductivity.

  Tube vise design quarantees secure and tight holding.

Perfectly balanced lightweight tattoo machines at 180-230 gr .

All machines can be assembled upon request.

Sarka Black Shader

Coil Color